Mesh Stencils

Our latest and greatest innovation is Mesh Stencils. A flexible, food-safe cloth like material that allows one to achieve icing detail like never before. Instantly add detail to cakes, confectionery and more! Due to the nature of the product stencils are reusable and easy to wash. With our ever expanding range of designs you will be sure to find a design for your cake decorating needs.


All our unique stencils in this series are 'seamless'. This means that the design is continuous and will match up.

They are approximately 14cm x 32cm

Floral Beauty R199.00

Florist Dance R199.00

Grace R199.00

Le Damask R199.00

Rosealine R199.00

Stripes-Horizontal (1 inch) R199.00

Stripes-Horizontal (1/2 inch)R199.00

Stripes-Horizontal (1/4 inch) R199.00

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